About Edge Case

Founded in 2016, we are a small I.T consultancy, operating in the London area, specialising in Cloud Solution Architecture.

What makes Edge Case different from the other consultants who work in this space?

The answer is in the name - our focus is always on understanding what "could" go wrong, and getting the design right before it does. This approach saves time and money in the long run, which makes everyone happy.

We don't do 'architect talk' - the Edge Case philosophy is all about the practical side of the cloud - we leave the powerpoint decks at the door, we roll up our sleeves and we get our hands dirty.

Technical Expertise

  • AWS: VPC design, networking, data security, performance, costing optimisation, system migration
  • Database: data warehousing, application & data analytics platforms
  • ETL/ELT: tools, strategy and approach
  • Analytics platforms: visualisation, reporting, data exploration
  • Big Data: data lakes, realtime analytics, streaming
  • Service Design: stability, resiliance, management

What is Cloud Solution Architecture?

In the last 5 years, cloud hosted compute has become a reality - but the pace of change is leaving many organisations behind. Understanding how to navigate this landscape is difficult and there are many more ways to get it wrong than right.

A cloud solution architect will help you understand the differences between delivering a service 'on premise' and delivering it from the cloud. This isn't rocket science, but cloud patterns are different from traditional patterns and a 'lift and shift' approach rarely delivers.

Most of the big consultants will tell you how it "can" work, but the reality is that combining a set of open source, proprietary and homegrown technologies into an enterprise stack is difficult and there is no shortcut.

With real experience in delivering cloud based solutions, we can help you decide what can help you move your business forwards, and what might just be a money pit.