Technology 2016

During November 2016 we worked with a company in the south of England who wanted to understand the viability of hosting their on-premise ultra High Performance SQL Server based applications in AWS. Edge Case were engaged to provide AWS technical guidance and leadership, alongside Slalom Consulting, who provided PM and analysis.

This was a time-boxed POC, with a defined set of deliverables.

Terraform (Dec 2016)

As part of the POC above we also provided a Terraform template to dynamically create the main VPC components.

Terraform is an easy, declarative language for creating cloud infrastructure. One of its key features is that is can work across different cloud providers, e.g. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.

It was preferred to alternatives e.g. Cloudformation because of it's simplicity and moderate learning curve. A basic Terraform template was provided to create the key infrastructure components as well as knowledge transfer on how Terraform works.

An AWS implementation of SQL Server 2014 Master Data Services for a FTSE 100 firm based in West London.

This involved defining the entire networking configuration (subnets, security groups, roles, EC2, resiliance) within an existing VPC and working alongside the dev ops team to ensure it was implemented as specified.

We also worked alongside with the business teams to ensure they understood the use cases for the tool and that they were comfortable using it.